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Benefits of Used Heavy Equipment – CAT/Doosan/Dressta/Komatsu

Hizbullah Shoukat May 20, 2020 No Comments


Used construction equipment is increasingly becoming the purchase option of choice when Companies plan to replace or add to their fleet of heavy equipment. Brand new equipment costs a premium, is a big financial decision and takes time to select the right machine whether it be an excavator, dozer, wheel loader or a truck or bus. Here we consider the advantages of purchasing used equipment from leading brands such as CAT, Dressta, Doosan and others.


Used Construction Machinery is Cheaper


This is the top advantage in that you save significantly on the price of purchase. When heavy equipment such as Dozers, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, backhoes are used they will loose approximately 20-40% of their original retail price. Therefore buying a used but well-maintained piece of heavy equipment is likely to cost you around 50% of the brand new counterpart. In terms of performance, it can perform as good as new.
In addition to purchase price savings, one must also consider savings on the extra fees associated with a brand new purchase such as tax, insurance, interest on financed equipment.


Your Budget can be used for a model with better features


When buying heavy construction equipment from the top brands such as CAT, Mercedes, Dressta etc there are obvious features associated with the lowest grade model versus the top of the range- and with that, the price can significantly increase. You may require a specific feature on that excavator for example which is simply out of the budget when bought from the CAT authorised dealer brand new. Therefore, a great alternative so as to not compromise on performance and features is to buy second hand, used or reconditioned equipment and maintain your budget.


You can resell the equipment at a decent price


Used heavy equipment has already been depreciated prior to your purchase by approximately 20-40%. Depreciation after this initial period is not as steep. Therefore if and when you decide to sell your used heavy equipment/machinery you can expect to sell it for a decent price when compared to your purchase price. This is considering that it has been well maintained and serviced. To sell your used equipment click here.


Reduce the lead time for acquiring the Heavy Equipment/machine


Buying new equipment such as excavators, dozers, loaders etc from CAT, JCB, Dressta etc might require a few months to make it available for you at your site. This means a potential loss of business whilst you are waiting for the machine to be manufactured for you. With used equipment there is a clear list of machines available at a given time, making it easier to navigate and chose the best option for you. To view current options click here



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