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We provide all the consumable supplies needed in tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing machines. We provide high quality, short lead time items inclusive of: Cigarette Paper, Tipping Paper, Cigerette Filter Rods, Additives and Laboratory Instruments for Cigarette Analysis (smoking machines).

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Cigarette Paper
ParametersUnitStandard30 cu CP50 cu CP70 cu CP80 cu CP100 cu CP
Grammageg/m2ISO 5362525252525
Moisture%ISO 2874,54,54,54,54,5
ThicknessµISO 5344545454545
ISO BrightnessElrephoISO 24709090909090
Opacity%ISO 24717070707070
PorositycuISO 29653030303030
Burning Agent%-0,80,80,80,80,8

White Base Tipping Paper
ParametersUnitStandard30 gsm35 gsm36 gsm38 gsm
Grammageg/m2ISO 53632353638
Moisture%ISO 2874,54,54,54,5
ThicknessµISO 53443454749
ISO BrightnessElrephoISO 247091919191
Opacity%ISO 247178797981
Cobb60ISO 53530303030
Tensile Strength, MD NISO 1924-125262626

ParametersUnitStandard34 gsm
Grammageg/m2ISO 53634
Moisture%ISO 2874,5
ThicknessµISO 53442
Cobb60ISO 53530
Tensile Strength, MD NISO 1924-127

Non Porous Plug Wrap Paper
ParametersUnitStandard24 gsm25 gsm27 gsm
Grammageg/m2ISO 536242527
Moisture%ISO 2874,54,54,5
ThicknessµISO 534424447
ISO BrightnessElrephoISO 2470909090
Opacity%ISO 2471656565
Cobb60g/m2ISO 535202020
Tensile Strength, MD NISO 1924-1252525

Cigarette Paper, Plug Wrap & Tipping Paper Guide
Standard Cigarette PaperVeline & vergedfrom 20 up to 120 Coresta Unit and from 20 up to 30 gsm.
LIP Cigarette PaperLow Ignition Paper70 CU Porosity
Coloured Velin Cigarette Paper28 ± 5 gsm
MYO PaperFor cigarette tubes28mm
RYO PaperRoll your own12,5-13 gsm (most common, 100% hemp or mixed flax);14 gsm (rice paper); 18-20 gsm (wood paper).
Plug wrap papersPorous & non porous23 gsm up to 27-30 gsm.
Tipping paperLaser perforated, 8 colours, laminated with aluminium, white, with coloured lines and/or logos, with application of sweeteners.
All papers are available with or without lip release and can be used by low, medium and hi-speed makers.
Cigarette TubesPersonalized tipping/ printing if required

Filter Rod Guide
MonoacetateStandard filters, most common. Used for all kinds of cigarettes. acetate tow and porous or non-porous plug wrap
Double Filtersacetate/acetate or acetate/acetate with an additive (e.g activated carbon to improve the filtering of organic semivolatile substances and improves taste and smoothness
Triple Filtersalternate the use of one or more filtering additives or the addition of flavors. Additives can be added in different quantities
Recessed FiltersCavity at the mouth part. Flavours can be added due to double filters
Slim & Ultra Slim FiltersAcetate filters with porous and non-porous plug wrap, with reduced diameter5.7mm
Capsule Filterssmall capsules, through a light fingers pressure, break down and fill the acetate fibers with their flavor2.80-3.5 mm
Hollow TubesCardboard wrapped with stiff plugwrap, without filter
Filter Tips
Filters for Tubes
Flavour Capsules

Additives Guide
Taste Modifiers (Virginia & American Blend Style; Casing and Casing additives, i.e. Burley, Virginia, Overall and Stem Casing)
Products for tobacco treatment
Burn Additives
Tobacco Extracts
Tobacco Preservations/ Additives
Humectants and Invert Sugars
Anti-mould additives

Industrial Adhesives Guide
PVA AdhesivesWater Based
good adhesion, quick action and easy to use
Dextrinic base adhesive
for specific applications

Laboratory Instruments Guide
Baudesson ovens
cigarette slitters
segment cutting devices
automatic rapid incinerators
free burning rate meters
denier meters for acetate tow
electronic precision and analytical balances

Packaging Material Guide
Overwrapping FilmPolypropylene 16 to 25 mµ For soft packs and naked wraps
Hinge Lid Packs100% wood pulp virgin fibers. Duplex cardboard: treated with a chemical or mechanical mixture and one side coated / Triplex cardboard: treated with a chemical or mechanical mixture and two sides coated
Soft PacksHigh quality paper required
PlasticizersTriacetine for cigarette filters
Tear Tapesellophane, polyester and polypropylene, self- adhesive tear tapes and tear tapes for hot melt application, both in cellophane and PET. 26 or 35 microns. Standard colours are Red, Gold and Clear

Printing Aluminium Foil Guide
Thickness in micronsTotal GSM
644 gsm
6.348 gsm
6.330 gsm
6.540 gsm
740 gsm
730 gsm
748 gsm
736 gsm
755 gsm
749 gsm
836 gsm
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