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How many hours before oil change on Perkins engine?


This will depend on various factors.

I recommend to ready and follow the manufacturers manual and instructions.

Here are some guidelines.

If the diesel engine is brand new from the factory it should be ready to use until the first service. Every manufacture can specify when the first service occur. This may range from 25hrs to 250hrs.

If the engine is a rebuilt unit then different run in practices may apply. This may depend on the age of the engine (older engines vs modern engines). It is recommended to service the rebuilt engine under normal use anytime between 30hrs to 100hrs.

Modern engines might have longer service intervals. The harsher the environment the more often you might need to service it.

A stationary engine with a proper soundproof cabinet protecting it from the environment can last the normal service hours.

Mobile units are generally subjected to much harsher conditions or abuse such as dust, dirty diesel or poor quality oil topups etc. It is important to monitor these units. Perform a daily/ weekly checklist for any unit as prevention is always better than failure.


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