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The machine is designed to package square or rectangle products. The machine’s base frame has been made from stainless steel and aluminum. Single, in-train or upright products gets packed as groups. Can be attached to a line with a feeding system working serially. Product sensor works as the product comes. If there is no product, the machine waits for the product to come and then continues to work. The machine can work with printed or printless packaging.

It will be produced from aluminum body
7” Colored Touch Screen ( Omron )
Max Capacity 120 – 150 per/min.
Sensitive Heat Control
Pneumatic Materials will be Smc (Japan) brand
The heat can be controlled from touch screen
The heaters are controlled with Ssr (Omron)
Product lapping with Drum system
Round opening indent
Flap folding unit makes perfect lapping at high speed
Speed and heat controls can be adjusted
Packaging machine works without stopping
Fully mechanic working system
Feeding band’s speed can be adjusted
Ability to change bobbin easily
Ergonomic, moving operatör panel
The machine will work for the box given as specimen
The noise of the motor and the other electrical devices has been minimized
The machine will be in accordance with work safety rules and there will be Emergency Switches and Protection Lid on the moving parts.
Translucent non-fragile lids will be used for Protection Lids
Plc and Switchgear Materials of the Omron brand will be used.
There will be a opening band and releasing system
The Operator Panel will be movable and ergonomic.
Ac Engine, Neri Motori Italian brand
Reductor Varvel Italian brand
Capacity : 120-150 Per/Min
Installed Power : 1,57 kW
Measure : 1400*1550*1600 mm
Weight : 1500 kg


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