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Top Marine Diesel Engines Leading the Marine Industry

Hizbullah Shoukat September 22, 2021 No Comments

Marine power continues to change boats and boatbuilding. In this blog today we just want to list of some of the best marine diesel engines from top manufacturers. When talking about these diesel engines, there are a few brands which come straight to mind – CAT, MAN, MTU, Volvo Penta and Cummins. Here below you can find more information about these so broadly used brands which have created revolutionary products helping the development of our industry.


2. Caterpillar C12.9 Marine Diesel Engine


Caterpillar C12.9 Marine Diesel EngineCourtesy CAT

Specifications Horsepower: 850 or 1000 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 3523 Displacement: 786.9 cu in / 12.9 liters



3. Caterpillar C18 Marine Diesel Engine


Caterpillar C18 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy CAT
Specifications Horsepower: 1150 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 4000 Displacement: 1106 cu in / 18.1 liters

4. Caterpillar C32 Marine Diesel Engine


Caterpillar C32 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy CAT*

Specifications Horsepower: 1925 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 7155 Displacement: 1959 cu in / 32.1 liters




Cummins QSB 6.7 Marine Diesel Engine Cummins 

The new Cummins Quantum Series QSB 6.7 at 550 hp is the most popular output for this block in the recreational sport-fishing market. Based on an in-line six-cylinder block with a new 24-valve cylinder head, the folks at Cummins have also focused on noise and have netted an 80 percent reduction at idle from engineering changes in their high-pressure common-rail fuel system. This also plays a huge part in the elimination of smoke. Walker AirSep air filters now come standard and are also engineered to reduce noise at the air intake to the turbos. With a dry weight of 1,450 pounds, the QSB 6.7 is a Tier 3 compliant power plant able to fit many applications.


Specifications Horsepower: 550 RPM: 3300 Dry Weight (lbs): 1450 Displacement: 408.1 cu in / 6.7 liters



6. Cummins QSC 8.3 Marine Diesel Engine


Cummins QSC 8.3 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy Cummins


Specifications* Horsepower: 600 RPM: 3000 Dry Weight (lbs): 1975 Displacement: 505 cu in / 8.3 liters

7. Cummins QSL 9 Marine Diesel Engine


Cummins QSL 9 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy Cummins 


Specifications Horsepower: 410 RPM: 2100 Dry Weight (lbs): 2000 Displacement: 542 cu in / 8.9 liters


Specifications: Horsepower: 715 RPM: 2500 Dry Weight (lbs): 2620 Displacement: 661 cu in / 10.8 liters


9. MAN R6-730 & R6-800 Marine Diesel Engines




With the need for compact, space-saving engines, boatbuilders and refit specialists alike have welcomed new slim in-line six-cylinder engines from MAN, with horsepower outputs of 730 hp and 800 hp at 2,300 rpm. With a common-rail fuel system producing power for maximum torque in the 1,200‑rpm range, the R6-730 offers 730 hp for rapid acceleration from low revolutions per minute engine speeds. At roughly 2,870 pounds, the R6‑730 offers a compelling horsepower-to-weight ratio for re-powers and new builds alike. Through proven optimization of the internal combustion system, the R6-730 does not need an external after treatment system to achieve Tier 3 emission compliance.


Specifications Horsepower: 730 or 800 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 2870 Displacement: 786 cu in / 12.8 liters



Specifications Horsepower: 1000 or 1200 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 4133 Displacement: 989 cu in / 16.2 liters




Specifications Horsepower: 1400 or 1550 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight: 5004 Displacement: 1476 cu in / 24.2liter


12. MAN V12-1650 & V12-1800 Marine Diesel Engines


Specifications Horsepower: 1650 or 1800 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 5213 Displacement: 1476 cu in / 24.2 liters

The new 16V 2000 M96 from MTU has also started delivering, and our guess is we will be seeing a lot of these in larger sport-fishing packages. A 16-cylinder V engine producing 2,600 hp at 2,300 rpm, the M96 features a new fuel-injection system, in addition to three sequential turbochargers for better acceleration and fuel economy. The company’s SCR in-engine exhaust-gas treatment reduces emissions and makes the M96 EPA and IMO Tier 3 compliant. Electronically controlled, the M96 is a smokeless, quiet power package with reduced vibration. With the recent launch of the 92 Viking, performance characteristics of the 2,600 hp M96 are certainly noteworthy, with the enclosed bridge model reaching a top-end speed of 36 knots.


Specifications Horsepower: 2600 RPM: 2300 Dry weight: 7474 Displacement: 2179 cu in / 35.7 liters

MTU also has a 12V 2000 M96 option that meets Tier 3 standards.


Volvo D13-900 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy Volvo

With 900 hp packed into it, the Volvo D13-900 is an in-line six that can be used as a conventional drive package or in conjunction with an IPS pod-drive power plant as we have seen for larger sport-fishing boat applications. With over 17,000 IPS systems on the water, Volvo has undeniably made an impact in the marine market with this technology. Weighing in at 3,439 pounds, the D-13 features a robust block with ladder-frame construction, high-pressure unit injection and twin turbochargers combined with charge-air coolers. Engine management from Volvo’s electronic control system combines low fuel consumption and emissions with reduced vibration and noise, and it exceeds Tier 3 standards.


Specifications Horsepower: 900 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight(lbs): 3439 Displacement: 780 cu in / 12.8 liters


15. Volvo D6-435 Marine Diesel Engine

Volvo D6-435 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy Volvo 

Specifications Horsepower: 435 RPM: 3500 Dry Weight: 1620 Displacement: 336 cu in / 5.5 liters



16. Volvo D11-700 Marine Diesel Engine


Volvo D11-700 Marine Diesel Engine Courtesy Volvo

Specifications Horsepower: 700 RPM: 2300 Dry Weight (lbs): 3523 Displacement: 786.9 cu / 12.9 liters




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