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Easy tips to keep your Industrial Diesel Engine in ‘tip top’ Condition

Hizbullah Shoukat May 3, 2020 No Comments



Maintaining your Diesel Engine is essential to ensure it can run optimally, increase its longevity, and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.


IZIPART shares easy to implement tips for Diesel Engines for heavy equipment owners that will help you to preserve your Diesel Engine and avoid frequent part repairs and part replacements.


1.Invest in the best quality fuel

  • Low quality fuel will have a negative impact on the fuel injectorswithin your Diesel Engine.  It’s easy to damage fuel injectors and they are a costly replacement part in your engine, especially since you are likely to have to replace more than one
  • Signs that your fuel injectors are damaged would be either bright white smoke or dark smoke being emitted from your exhaust



2. Don’t switch the engine off immediately after use

  • The turbocharger within the Diesel Engine needs time to cool down before you switch off the engine
  • Let it run in neutral for 20 seconds if the Engine has been running a short while, or 2 minutes if the engine has been running a long time.
  • Signs that you need a replacement turbocharger would be a whistling sound, loss of Engine power or rarely blue coloured smoke emitted from your exhaust



3. Maintain moderate RPM (revolutions per minute) 

  • Too high or too low RPM can affect the health of your Diesel Engine.
  • This could damage the turbocharger along with an increased need to replace the dual mass flywheel responsible for minimizing vibrations within the gearbox.  
  • This can be a costly part replacement due to the likely need to replace the clutch too.




4. Frequently clean your filters

  • Schedule regular maintenance for oil replacement, fuel, and air filters.  If cleaning of the specialist filters used in Diesel Engines is not frequent enough, ash is likely to build up causing damage.



5. Take extra measures in cold conditions to protect your Diesel Engine

  • Don’t leave the engine in cold weather without frequently turning on the engine and take it on a journey
  • Replace the filters and have your diesel engine checked for any repair requirements before cold weather arrives



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