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Construction Equipment Attachments and Accessories

Hizbullah Shoukat July 8, 2021 No Comments

Pairing an attachment with the proper excavator or wheel loader can help you adjust to changing market conditions, replace less efficient machines and significantly increase your equipment’s versatility. By considering the following excavator and wheel loader attachments, as well as attachment coupling systems, you can determine which machines and attachments will help you meet, or even exceed, project deadlines as well as increase machine productivity.


IZIPART introduces a new segment of Construction equipment attachments and accessories including excavator buckets, wheel loader forks, dozer winches, rippers for dozers, and more. Mentioned below are some of the special attachments that are served.



Crusher Bucket

MCB Crusher Bucket is a consistent quality and high performance crusher bucket, MCB Crusher Buckets are capable of crushing & recycling a wide range of sizes and types of material’s, including brick, concrete and rock.


Crusher buckets are designed to turn your machine into a real crusher.


Areas of Applications

Quarrying, Mining, Demolition & Recycling, Excavation, Environmental Reclamation, Pipelines, Crushing directly in work site

Double Drum Cutter


This equipment uses world-class hydraulic technology for mining, Tunneling, profile Correction, and channel surface grooving, asphalt Pavement milling, and rock soil mining.


Areas of Applications

Cutting of trenches and shafts in hard ground, Trimming of concrete and asphalt, Trimming the surface of secant bored piles, Cutting of tunnel profiles, Any kind of rock excavation, Removing stumps and roots of tree

Vibro Ripper

Vibro Ripper is a new generation attachment developed and manufactured to effectively excavate, crush and destroy a Different kind of Rocks such as rocks weathered by wind and water, hard soil, skate, quartz, building concrete, and limestone, etc.


Areas of Applications

Construction areas, Mining, Building Demolition, Civil engineering, Underwater engineering, Tunnel engineering, Other special operating environments

Chain Drum Cutter

Chain Drum Cutter is designed to give maximum cutting performance with minimum wear costs. High torque hydraulic motors drive extremely large super gears to turn the cutter drums. The gear wheels are so robust the drum cutters can be used in the most difficult conditions without the risk of failure.


Areas of Applications

Trenching, Tunneling, Underwater works, Stripping and reclamation, Quarrying, Demolition, Wall profiling


Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance

A lack of routine maintenance can easily derail a project, costing you time and money and potentially decreasing the attachment’s lifespan, says Lee Smith, Doosan attachment product specialist. Follow these six maintenance tips to keep your attachments operating smoothly.

  1. Assess attachment damage or wear before use.
  2. Check for noticeable cracks or distress on buckets.
  3. Look for worn bucket teeth; replace if needed.
  4. Check pins and bushings for wear.
  5. Examine hydraulic components, making sure the attachment’s hoses and fittings are not loose or worn and are free of contaminants.
  6. Inspect critical points for proper lubrication.

“There are many replaceable wear items on a bucket, so it is crucial that when operators are completing a general inspection they replace those items to help prolong the life of the bucket,” Smith adds.

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