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The machine’s base frame has been made from aluminum. All the surfaces in touch with the product are made from stainless steel.
Closing design for easy and full cleaning, Excessive load resistant base frame system with cart stand for easy setup, Excessive load resistant adjustable frame system for fixed position

7“ Colored Touch Screen – Moving Operator Arm
Stainless chassis and Bonnet Parts
Ac Engine Box Feeding Unit
Servo Engine (Omron) Vacuum Box Picking-up Group
Servo Engine (Omron) Box Positioning Group
Servo Engine (Omron) Product Placement Valve
Nj System Electronic Control System
Empty Box Removing System
Mechanical Product Filling System
Capacity Max 120 – 150 Per Minute
Automatic Stop when Product is jammed
Mechanical Flap Closing System
Back Flap is glued with hot glue
Hot Glue Spraying System (Robatech)
Side Press Bands of the Box on the way out
Plexy Glass Covering
No filling – No box feature
Syncronized working with Horizontal Packing and Camera Control and Product Rejected System in case of an error with flap closing of he boxes
The machine will be working with Fixed Box Measurements
Electronics will be matched via Plc
Nj System (0mr0n) Motion Control System
The noise of the motor and the other electrical devices has been minimized
Safety Switches and Emergency Stop Buttons when it’s necessary
Empty Box Removal System
Pneumatic Materials will be Smc (Japan) brand
Ac Engine Speed Adjustment – Omron
Main Engine Servo (Omron)
High Precision Reductor
Note: The boxes will be produced by taking the 4 folding machine and product line into account.
Capacity : 120-150 Per/Min
Installed Power : 3,3 kW
Measure : 4200*1500*1500 mm
Weight : 2000 kg


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